Questions and Answers

Pattes Parfait, ( Pattes et Peintures) Louvigne du Desert, France



Who are we?

I am Barbara.  I live in Louvigne du Desert with my husband John.  I have been running Pattes Parfait  (before Pattes Peinture) since 2013 first in La Creuse, Limousin and now in Brittany.  I have my Certificat de Capacite for domestic animals.


How does the petsitting work?

Your pets stay with us in our house.


How may pets can you accommodate at your house?
The maximum number of dogs is three if staying overnight.  We can accommodate more if a daytime stay is required. We need to assess each situation individually.

How do I get started with Pattes Parfait (Pattes et Peintures) ?

Simply schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet appointment.  You can visit us at our home in Louvigne du  Desert or we will come to your house to meet you and your pet to answer any questions you may have, get the feeding and care instructions, and fill out the Client Contact Information form.


Do you provide references?

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with references.


What happens if my pet becomes ill while I'm gone?

In an emergency situation we will notify you immediately and transport your pet to either your veterinarian or my veterinarian. We will also contact you if we notice any changes in your pet's behaviour.


Can you give medications?

Yes. we will be happy to give drops, pills and ointment for no extra charge.


Stay with us at Pattes Parfait (Pattes et Peintures) (t
ariff where you provide food)

Dog: €20 per day
Two dogs: €30 per day
Three dogs €40 per day

It is the same price daily regardless of what time the pet arrives.  If the pet is collected before 12
noon there is no charge for that day.

The Care Includes
- Walks or backyard frolic. I have a large enclosed garden for stays at my home.
- Love, attention, silly faces, belly rubs, ball games etc.
- Medication, if required.
- Email or text updates sent to you.




Dog requirements

Be non-aggressive to people and to other animals, have an identification tag on their collar.  Dogs will remain on the leash at all times during their walk.




Payment is due in full when services are rendered. We accept cash or cheques . Please  check with Barbara or John about payment methods



We understand that unexpected circumstances can occur and you may need to cancel your pet sitting service.  There will be no charge for cancellations.  Just notify us  as soon as you can.



Holidays are busy for us so be sure to schedule your pet sitting services early!




Pet safety

In the case of home stays it is your responsibility to pet proof all areas of your home where your pet has access.  This would include investigating fences, gates, latches, bedroom doors, etc. We will not be liable for any injuries or property damage that occur due to an unsafe home environment.













SIRET : 985 328 889 00011

TEL: 02 99 17 49 32

MOBILE: 06 04 44 93 24

06 16 62 54 21