Information et Tarif


Garde des animaux
The closed garden


Care, feeding and walking of pets


We are at your service to care for your pets. They can stay with us in our friendly home or we can visit you


We give your pet a friendly family home without cages or kennels. They will feel at home.


The garden is a secure closed space where they can move freely


Doggy Day Care


Leave your dog with us for the day €8 per day per dog


Option to care for animals at your home or residence

For owners who wish to avoid a change of environment on their pets, a stay with you may be a preferable solution.
Your pets stay at your home and we come to care for them in your home. We can do daycare or sleepovers. 

The price depends on the number of pets, the number of visits required and the distance traveled to care for them.


this option (price without food)

Starting at €10  Depending on the number of visits and the distance travelled.
Petrol is charged  at 10 cents a kilometre.



With us at Pattes et Peintures (price without food)

Staying with us at our home

Dog € 12 per day
Two Dogs € 24 per day


We do not cater for cats with us, only with you. Not because we don't like cats, cats are cool

The same price applies each day regardless of what time of day the pets arrive
If your pets are collected before 12 midday there is no charge for that day


A receipt summarizing the care can be provided. You can call Barbara or John on

02 99 17 49 32 or mail cliquez ici






SIRET :797 989 233 00037 RM 35

TEL: 02 99 17 49 32

MOBILE: 06 04 44 93 24